aiStandard Shaders for Glass

To continue on with my work, despite the previous mess up in the other tutorial- I couldn’t get the smudge layer to reduce- I’m hoping Alec can give me a hand here.

In the mean time, I tried my own version of the tutorial above.

I was having major problems connecting certain nodes on my own laptop- so had to do it on Ryan’s computer and bring it back to my own PC (grr).


The combine float nodes etc showed no input commands.

I took advantage of Ryan’s laptop, and connected what I need on his. When I brought it back to my own PC, I was given a lovely alien jar (see below).


I fixed the values, according the tutorial and then messed about with them to see what I could create. The below render is my jar. I originally thought I was a failure as I couldn’t even texture a jar correctly, but Alec sent me a tutorial and I realised my render settings needed to be adjusted. I talk about this in a later post.


Very foggy jam jar.





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