Some of my own Renders


A quick render with lighting by Jakub.

I wanted to create some of my own shots, following some of the research I had looked at earlier and based on some things I found online. These are below.

I found this post on Ten Thousand hours by Travis Davids, depicting a bloodied scene on the floor. I love this so much – showing the story with no words. You get the relationship and emotion of the character from the photo- crossing off his comrades, killing himself to avoid the pain of loosing them.



I included the images with no text to show how the emotion still is there, despite the context being missing. (, 2016).


gun shot2.jpg

Two of the shots based on the image above.

A lot of the shots I had looked at in Western films had involved the use of one point perspective- using what Tarantino still implies in his own films, giving the idea that the camera is you and you are the person.

Tarantino’s view- from below.


I had the idea of putting the camera between the stair spindles, gas if looking down to the scene below.

old ma.jpg

The old man at the bar- we originally talking about a regular having a sort of reserved spot at the bar with his special seat and his own bottle of drink. I wanted to demonstrate this through using the camera  to focus on the assets involved, creating the below shot.


Inspired by the scene from Preacher- I wanted to show the piano in a way that it guides are view.




Vimeo. (2016). Tarantino // From Below. [online] Available at: [Accessed 4 Nov. 2016]. (2016). Security Check Required. [online] Available at: [Accessed 4 Nov. 2016].


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