Jar Render 1

So, this is my first attempt at the jar texturing. I have a few tweaks to it- currently looking a bit like a plastic bottle.


My current jar render (there is a cube inside for reference- it isn’t a random blob on the glass).

I was told that I should try altering the following things;

increase both the specular and gloss values to the highest, most likely white, and a greyish white is good for the albedo.

I had to google Albedo, as I had no idea what that was. Basically, they are a base color input, commonly known as a diffuse map. This map defines the diffused light’s colour. The biggest difference between is and a traditional diffuse map, is the lack of a directional light or ambient occlusion. Directional light will look incorrect in certain lighting conditions, and ambient occlusion should be added in the separate AO slot. Albedo maps will often define more than the diffuse colour too, for when using a meatless map, the albedo map defines the diffuse color for insulators (non-metals) and reflectivity for metallic surfaces.


Albedo principles. (Marmoset, 2016).

Alec also said that the smudges were a little heavy and I should turn down the opacity in photoshop of the texture.

So, I listened to the feedback and came up with the jar below;




Marmoset. (2016). PBR In Practice. [online] Available at: http://www.marmoset.co/toolbag/learn/pbr-practice [Accessed 4 Nov. 2016].



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