Adding everything together and extras

We started placing everything together in our scene and noticed a few added things that would make the scene looking more cluttered/ themed towards the cowboy inhabitants.

The landing- We thought that this still looked a little plain and so wanted to add something here. I liked the imagery in Rango, adding niceties to the interiors despite being dingy themselves. I thought it would be cool to made a little table and vase to place between the doors on the first landing. Ryan then suggested we don’t use a table, instead, we use crates or barrels with a cloth on top to look like a table. I think this is nice as it visually fits with our thrown together interior.

Tag team effort here. I modelled the vase. Ryan modelled the crates and Phoebe did the cloth. Below is my vase model



Book- the corner with the glasses and individual whiskey glass was a bit bare still- Phoebe suggested we add a book to the counter, to show that the person sitting there was the intellectual we claimed he was.

Nails- we realised there were no nails in the walls to hold up the lanterns. Oops.

N-Cloth- after looking at a few other groups, we realised we wanted to add a few clothes other than just those at the bar, like we had previously discussed. We thought of having one where Ryan had placed his shaving set, and one draped off the table.

Saddle- I mentioned to the guys about modelling something to make the scene more relevant to the type of person we have in our bar. As we are basing it on ranch hand/ cowboy clients we wanted to vary the antlers and include a horse saddle on the walls.

We also had to fix/ change a few things as we went along too. Andrew’s poker chips were proving to high poly, so I used his chips and some references to remodel a few.

15786449_2More basic designs. (, 2016).


Poker chips I used for reference. (, 2016).

My own models are below.


After completing all of these we’ll add them into the scene, creating the added mess to what we already have blocked out.

References (2016). 2 steel chip molds — casino and poker chip; Antique Gambling Chips. [online] Available at: [Accessed 1 Nov. 2016].



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