Ideation- Jars

Ok, so I changed my idea. Again. Why you may ask? Well the answer comes in the form of Greg Maguire. We were looking at showreels in our lectures and Greg commented that the ‘best thing he has ever seen was a place with sausages and beans.’ Simple, but when made correctly, looks amazing.

Therefore, I wanted to create something very much like this, or so a still life. Looking through hundreds of images and ideas (see the posts in addition to this) I stumbled across the idea from Rose Connolly’s sketchbook (10/10 would buy her sketchbooks).

She has this little image of a hedgehog in a jar (pickled/ preserved). This was drawn from the Ulster Museum on our week zero adventures.


Rose’s pickled Hedgehog.

I wanted to create something like this, thought with my own item in the jar. I’m going to have a look around to see what I could create from this.

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