CV draft one

So, last night I took into account the talk with Greg on what should appear in CVs and my own research, to try and start making my own. I had previously spoke to Andrew Coyle about creating one- he recommended I make a brand for myself, a character of sorts. In the case of Andrew’s CV- it was his little robot character.


Andrew’s CV. (, 2016).

I created this little seagull character at the end of the year, based on Aardman’s designs, and really liked him


Reginald the Skipper.

Greg has shown us a graph, showing that the more experience you have, the lesser the need for graphics. As a starting out animator, I want to make myself known a bit, so wanted to include at least one thing to make myself recognisable.


This was the layout I looked at so far. I got a bit of critic from Matthew Hamill- he advised I make the top header smaller to give me more room for the experience section. I will continue working on this tonight to get it finished for Greg’s class on Thursday.

References (2016). Creative Enterprize | CLOY TOONS. [online] Available at: [Accessed 30 Oct. 2016].

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