Cover Letter- Draft One

I have made a rough cover letter to try and figure out what I want to say to the companies I would love to work at.


I am currently an animation student at Ulster University, reaching out for the opportunity to work for your company in my placement year. I want to offer my skills to you- show you what we are being taught and how it could effect your future employees, allowing me to adapt these to best suit you.

I find your company is an excellent match for how I work- though I am an adaptable person in this area too. I am well driven, ready to learn new things, beneficial for new projects and even ongoing ones. I am able to apply all of these skills in teamwork, an area that I excel in. I am a social person, used to networking with the public and other companies, in turn this would help aid the growth of your own company.

Please find my attached resume and contact information, and I hope that you find me a suitable candidate for working with you .

I look forward to your response,

Many thanks,

Rebecca Blair


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