CV Research- What to include?

CVs in general have some key things that need to be included, and some that spice up what make you special than the rest,

  • contact information- blog, website, number, phone number
  • employment history- with a description of roles from each
  • education and qualifications
  • additional experience- volunteer work etc.
  • references¬†(, 2016).

In the world of animation, this could also include shorts previously worked on and software experience.

Other things to consider when creating CVs include;

  • Honesty- don’t over exaggerate experience
  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation- it needs to look professional
  • Language- the use of active language for example, ‘I completed’ rather than ‘it was completed.’
  • Styling- you want to stand out but no be too distracting
  • Layout-a maximum length of 2 A4 pages. Employers will skim read CVs so having one that is

My own CV, from applying to previous jobs, is pretty boring. It consisted of just tables of my grades, experience etc. Alec showed us Mark Mullan’s CV, which I think was quite nice.


Personally, I prefer a portrait CV as I think it’s easier to read, and looks less like a menu. Below are some of the ones I really liked.



I liked the incorporation of the character in the middle of this CV, giving a bit of a hit at the artists style.


Loved the pop of colour in this, giving a bit more of a memorable feel. A professional head shot also adds to the look.


I really liked the headers and the use of brackets in this, instead of using a title. I thought it was really original and made it stand out more. Also, it made it easy to find where everything was.


Although this is a bit messy, I like the style in it, giving a fun atmosphere. It stuck in my mind easily.


I love love love the CV above, for the doodle showing the artist in work, to the clean layout that is easy to navigate to find information. I just had to include the show reel too, which was rather nice.


Vimeo. (2015). Akira Squared. [online] Available at: [Accessed 19 Oct. 2016].


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