Room Basic Placements

Here is my basic layout for the room- to give our team an idea of where we want items placed etc. I told Phoebes original concept sketch and tried to roughly recreate it.


Phoebe’s original design.

layout!.jpgThey commented that the proportions felt right but we realise there were things we needed to discuss;

  1. the amount and placement of doors- we agreed that we liked the idea of having two doors, like in our original concept piece, and adding extra details to fill in the empty space. Maybe a table with a vase of flowers to make it look somewhat feminine, to emphasis the fact that it is a prostitution service.
  2. the length of the bar itself- we all quite like the size of the room as shown above, as it gives a nice feeling of comfort- making it too large makes the room look less cluttered and sparse.
  3. the destruction of the bar- we talking about how we could arrange the bar to look like it was the recent recipient of a bar brawl. I’m going to do a few over draws of this render to make it look destroyed.


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