Modeling the Bottles and Glassware

Another of my tasks was to model the glassware and bottles. Think about this- I could create on basic mesh for all of the bottles, then change it through manipulating the edges.

I had a look online first (of course) at some of the topology used on these bottles, especially wine and beer bottles.

Some wireframe examples I looked at.

I also briefly watched a Mike Hermes video- giving even more insight into how this topology was created. As I thought, the original bottle is made from a cylinder and then is formed through altering the topology.

Video courtesy of Mike Hermes. (YouTube, 2016).

I went to the team and we took votes on what types of bottles there would be in the bar itself. We went for variations on wine bottles (containing moon shine), whiskey bottles and the old XXX bottles. Note to self. DO NOT GOOGLE XXX BOTTLES.

I looked at a good few different shapes of whiskey bottles- finding some with really interesting neck shapes. Two of the main bottle shapes I realised, were square and the more rounded look.




XXX Bottle Modelling References





I like the texturing in these- maybe something to try myself?

As mentioned, I modeled a basic bottle shape based on that above, and then added to it, based on the photos below. I also found a tutorial in which some really warped bottles were made- I’d love to try and model some of these.

Below are my models from the scene.


Irish whiskey glass was deemed too fancy.


lsa-whiskey-tumbler-single_2.jpgWe agreed on looking at these two glass types for when making the model.

I also was given the modelling of the glasses. Bethany did a really nice detailed whiskey glass for her detective scene, and I would have liked to have done something similar, however, we agreed that this would be too fancy for our setting. I had a look and found some more basic looking glassware- sans pattern.

Shot Glasses

No. not like your £2 shot of After Shock from Limelight. Stiff, pure alcohol at its finest. Ryan mentioned about the shot glasses used in saloon and when I looked online I found that they used copper reciprocals.

I also found that they used normal whiskey glasses, with the shot measure in them, simply due to the costs etc.



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