Gerard Dunleavy

So, tomorrow we are having a talk by Gerard Dunleavy, an ex pupil of the Master’s degree at Ulster University. Greg suggested we have a look at the man himself, to learn about his background and his areas of expertise. This would also help us formulate questions during our Skype interview.

The first thing I discovered was his Behance site. Many of his works were private (videos) but the content was still visible. I really like the turnaround animation of the Elderbeast. I wonder what softwares he used?


The Elder Beast. (, 2016).

I also found his LinkedIn profile. It stated that he is a concept artist and matte painter, working for film, advertising and gaming industries. He recently worked on Assassins Creed, Thor:The Dark World and Godzilla and commercially for Nike, Honda, BMW and Guinness.

He lists his services as  Concept Art, Illustration, Matte Painting, Digital Environments &and VFX. His clients cover all industries, some listed below;

Ubisoft Motion Pictures
Marvel Studios
Legendary Pictures
Double Negative
The Mill

He had knowledge in a wide range of softwares and render engines including Photoshop, Nuke, Maya, Zbrush, Vue, Mari, Arnold, Vray and Keyshot.

He has won two awards, the CG HUB’s Editors Pick and Gold Award (January 2014) for this piece ‘Chubby Link’ and the International CG Student of the Year (June 2012).

Link_comp_forest_v01_web.jpg.The winning ‘Chubby Link.’ (Gerard Dunleavy, 2016).

His Artstation also provides some of his works, including the Akira bike shown below.

Akira Bike model. (Vimeo, 2015).

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