The Stairs- Completion of Design

The biggest downfall I was having when modelling these stairs, was how they connected to the balcony, and the look of the trim on them. I tried soley working from references I found online like the work previously mentioned in the previous post, but find it too hard. I then realized my Granny’s house has a staircase just like the one I am modeling, so, I paid her a visit.

I took the photos below to help me see a few things; the blocking of the outer stair (covering the exposed steps), the decorative trim on the banister and the position of the spindles (i.e. on the steps or built into the banister itself).

The trim in these stairs overlaps onto a wall, however, in my own, I put it attached to the balcony itself, to keep the geometry neat for UV mapping. I also liked how the spindles were built into the banister so decide to keep this the same in my own. In my Granny’s banister, the end ‘main’ spindles were just larger versions of the banister ones, with circular top. I modeled this topper and resized the rest to create this look.


Wireframe and smoothed larger spindles.

When creating the pattern for the skirting on the stairs, I asked Ryan to send a few print screens of that that he made for the wooden paneling (below). I had more abrupt falls and not as much curvature. I then put his into my own stairs.


Ryan’s wooden paneling.


Stair paneling in place.

I don’t want to be too picky about the stairs shape yet, as they have to fit into Ryan’s room. I will do this next.

Below is the final stair look, before the resize.


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