Attempting the Walk Again

After Alec’s lesson on the walk cycle, I definitely felt I had more of a confidence in creating the walk cycle. Edward Boyle, year above, also mentioned that there was a good Digital Tutors/ Plural Sight Tutorial available on the walk cycle.

I watched the videos through- finding some of them confusing. The tutorial worked quite erratically, between poses. However, I found that it gave a greater understanding to the graph editor and its use in copying frames over and altering them in it. I found this super helpful- especially with the hip placement. It also introduced certain aspects I wouldn’t have thought of- such as the feet angle.

Below is the results of using the tutorial. Alec has mentioned turning off the upper body visibility to stop distracting the eye. I used this for a bit, but found it very hard to visualize what the overall movement should be.


I definitely owe Matthew Hamill like 890 drinks for his help. And putting up with my slowness. He mentioned moving the hips down in this but it took me a while to realize what he meant.

As I still did not understand the purpose of moved the hips this is what I have so far. I later realized that if I was to move the lower hip values down even more, it would prevent this floaty look. I will do this for Monday to show my team and Alec for critic.


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