Team Feedback

Today, we had our team feedback session for our walk cycle and our body mechanic.

I was kind of worried about the feedback due to battling so much with these exercises, however I was genuinely please.

Below is the walk cycle I presented the team. Jakub commented how my arms swung quite a lot, however he explained that if I was going for a cartoon reference, this would work. Alec commented that the arms themselves needed more overlapping action, showing me how to do this. I will fix this for my final render.

3/4 view walk cycle.

Front view the walk cycle.

For the body mechanic, the boys (Ryan and Jakub) commented that the body felt off balance, needing the shoulders to move forward more to create more of an arched back. Alec commented that the shapes were definitely there and to keep going. He solved my problem of how to end the mechanic through posing the landing pose for a few frames before moving upward.

Jump- side view.

3/4 View Jump

Alec mentioned using the IK spine for the jump posing. I will research this when I get home.

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