Plural Sight- Introduction to Nuke

To understand the pipeline behind the compositing process between Nuke and Maya, I wanted to learn a bit of the basics about Nuke to begin with, having never used it before.

  1. Using interface basics and reading images in NUKE- Link

Below are some of my notes taken from this introductory tutorial from Digital Tutors.

Layout of screen different- Restore-Restore Layout 1

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 13.30.09.png

Import footage- click read node- click what needed. To tell if its a sequence it will have numbers at the end i.e 1-70 at the end. If you uncheck sequence- this would show all as individual images. But, as an animated sequence (Maya photo sequence), keep checked. This creates a read node.

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 13.35.56.png

To make this node visible in Nuke, you have to connect to the View node using the pipe (the little arrow).

2. Playing back videos and changing Project settings – Link

To zoom in you have to scroll the mouse wheel. To return to full resolution the dropdown menu must be set to time or divided by 1.

To move around the frame (to view more) you have to hold down the mouse wheel and drag.





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