Compositing- Ideas

I have chopped and changed so much with this project- simply due to not knowing what to do. Initially I wanted to do modelling, but I was really inspired by a short I saw during our Showreel research for creative practice.

A Friendly Hello. (YouTube, 2016).

I loved the story in this- so simple but so lovely. I really think something created with animation and composited in to the real environment would be amazing. Kristina found the showreel (below) which has a lovely breakdown. I would totally consider something like this in my own attempt at creating.

Peter Roe’s showreel. (Vimeo, 2008).

This short reminded me of one of my favourite movie’s/ book reenactments; Where The Wild Things Are (2009). I love the look of this film- the creatures aren’t entirely photo realistic but are still believable. I love how they kept the style of the creatures in Maurice Sendak’s original illustrations.


One of my favourite pieces from the book. (Sendak and Sendak, 1963).

This is genuinely one of my favourite films since I had to create my own book based on Sendak’s work in Year 10 at school. I love the idea of creating a story with a creature, hiding in a forest or path, or even interacting in normal society. (YouTube,2016).

Another film that was brought to my attention last year was Gloam. The filmmakers, David Elwell and Gareth Hughes, used both Maya and Nuke to create this look. This something I would love to create myself, an interaction in a forest with an animal?(Vimeo, 2012)


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