Evaluating Showreels- The good, the bad and the ugly

After our first class Greg gave us the task of finding and assessing some showreels- finding things we liked and didn’t like about them.

I have watch Michael Cauchi’s process for a while and am so happy to see this reel. I love the diversity in it- including a clip of the animation which he was technical supervisor on, and the characters he created. The one thing I found odd was the lack of detail in his role in certain things- such as the characters. I would have liked to have known what he did on each. I would also liked to have seen close ups of the textured faces, as well as the wire mesh renders.

I really liked the fluidity in this showreel- moving from shot to shot. The break downs in each were also good- giving the process in a detailed manner, in very little time. However, Park’s doesn’t specify the softwares used.

The music choice in this makes it a bit off putting- simply due to tumblr. I like the transitions from the textured model to wire mesh. Some things I would say would be the posing of the character on the bird- it’s very unnatural. Granted this is listed as a modelling showreel however, it doesn’t specify on the scene build ups with what he did.

I quite like the unique labelling in this- giving a bit more of a memorability to the reel. It does, sometimes, get in the way of the objects and draw away from some of the really nice texturing and modelling. The last character model of the orc should maybe not be included as it is just a still a WIP. The print screens rather than renders are a bit unprofessional.

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