Alec’s Walk Cycle Lesson 1

OK after today I realised how much of an idiot I am when it comes to animating. So, once again, Alec came to the rescue.

He showed us his way of creating a walk cycle that was a lot easier for me. Starting with the poses in the following orders- contact, passing, down and finally the up pose. He showed us how he would write down the values from each of the steps, and transfer it to the other (each cycle has two steps and ends on the same contact pose you begin with).

Alec showed us the video below, using it as a good example of a nice, natural walk cycle.

Various walk cycles.(YouTube, 2016).

Things that I noticed in these references, compared to my own, previous attempts.

  • The stride- I am placing my feet not far enough apart
  • The hips- my hips are not lowered enough to give the weight I need. Also, I find I have them too far forward, therefore created an off balance walk cycle.
  • The head movement- it doesn’t have enough bounce- looks very wooden in my own cycle.


YouTube. (2016). Walk Cycles Compilation. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Oct. 2016].



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