Modelling the Barrels

One of the group two aspects I was put in charge of modelling was the barrels. I decided to model each of the elements of the item separately- for example, the lid, metal rims, and the barrel itself, to allow for easier UV mapping. It would also allow each positioning of the barrels to be different- the lids open, or missing, with items inside.

I decided to have a look at gaming assets online for inspiration. The first I found was those by Christopher Babic for Red Dead Redemption (2010). I liked the idea of having some of these barrels open topped with brushes/ shovels etc inside- making it feel more like a used environment.


Assets created by Christopher Babic. (, 2016).

I also consulted pinterest for some previously created models. I really liked the one below, its stout shape adding a bit more interest to the eye.


More of a rounded barrel- the textures on this are rather nice. (Pinterest, 2016).

I then went to have a look at actual barrels for reference.


I liked the idea of missing elements to the barrels to stimulate wear and tear- such as the one here. (Etsy, 2016).


I also had a look at wine barrels- with the circle on the side. This could be created with booleans. (, 2016)

I also had a look at how a barrel like this could be created- Gianni had mentioned stuff before about a row of planks, bent into a cylinder shape.

I thought this speed model was quite good as it showed a nice unevenness in the planks making up the barrel. (YouTube, 2016).


Above are the barrels I modeled. For the final model I am going to vary the patterns on the metal loops, to give it a more gathered look. Rather than a refined, everything must match look.

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