Modelling the Stairs- Spindles

Phoebe showed us a piece of concept art she found online by Anson Hung. I can’t trace the artwork online (this is becoming a reoccurring theme ). One of the key aspects to this asset (well I found anyway) was the spindles on the banister and railing. I decided to try and replicate this in as best a way as possible. I went to have a look on line to see how this could be done.

I remember Edward (third year) had modeled a stair case before. However, he kept his spindles more squared, rather than smooth. Ideally, I did not want this.

I also thought to use a belvier curve and revolve it to form the shape. However, I had problems with this before. Jakub had mentioned at a previous group meeting, using a cylinder and forming the shape but altering the edges.


Concept artwork that Phoebe found online- source unknown.

I had a look at some spindles online, picking one I liked in particular, I then started adding and resizing edges to give the curvature and ‘doughnut’shapes. The one type of spindle I liked the most was the Georgian spindle. It’s designs used the circular shapes as a basis, and incorporated the rest of the design around these.


Various Georgian Spindle designs. (, 2016).


I chose the above spindle as my reference, trying to replicate it as much as possible. (, 2016).

I modeled the bottom and top banister attachments as separate objects, to make it easier to UV map later on.

Below are the smoothed and unsmoothed spindles. I had a look online and found that there were also minimum heights for these spindles. In the case of the bannister, the spindles need a minimum height of 900mm. On the landing, the have to be taller, a minimum of 1100mm required. (, 2016).


References (2016). Brettells. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 Oct. 2016]. (2016). Midland Stairparts – Our stair parts. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 Oct. 2016]. (2016). Stair Spindles staircase balustrading UK distributor Spindles. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 Oct. 2016].


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