This is one of my must see movies, simply because of it’s realistic texturing, giving a creepy look to the cartoonish styled characters.

Bar Fight Scene (2011). I thought this  was a good referenced as it gave an idea of the layout of the whole bar- showing the different areas we had previously researched.

Barry E. Jackson was the concept artist for this scene, used in the layout sketch below. I loved the idea of the support beams incorporated into the table. This is something we will use in our own model.

Additionally, I like use of props to give the idea of added space/ extending the room size. The archway on the left hand side gives the feel that there is more of the bar to explore.



Jim Martin

I wanted to have a look further into some of the other settings in the film, looking at other artists involved. I stumbled across Jim Martin in my searches. Below are some of the pieces he completed for an array of different settings.

I love the personality the room gives. To me, when watching the film, it seems bland in the way the characters act, contrasting to the protagonist (Rango). The interiors reflect this- utilitarian, plain decor or of the same patterns or colour palette.

I enjoy how there are little individual items that give an identity to the characters in the room, the pictures, golf clubs etc.

The more functional environments- the shop for example- are a lot more cluttered, however they feel so in an organised way. I like how to room shape is unidentifiable, due to the mass of stuff on the ceiling.

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 12.05.05.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 12.04.59.png

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 12.04.48.pngscreen-shot-2016-11-01-at-12-04-21Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 12.03.58.png

James Carson

Another artist and look- a saloon!






I wanted to have a further look into what inspired the director in this film- to have a look if there was anything we could use/ look into. Rango was directed by Gore Verbinski, responsible for the likes of The Ring (2002) and The Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (2003). I found an article in which he discusses what inspired him for the film.


Gore Verbinski discussing Rango designs.

He looked at the following films for inspiration;

-Duck, You Sucker!- Verbinski described this as one of those broad movies he would have snuck into the cinema and watched as a child. He said  “I’ve always loved Leone’s cinematic language and use of extreme close-ups, so part was one was the style and part two was the story. It was these guys who just want to rob banks but get caught up in this revolution and become revolutionary heroes. They have this arc as pretenders and there’s a consequence and ulterior motives. I think there’s a bit of that in there too.”
-Chinatown- The link in the plot- mistaken identities and the issue of water. This even went as far as to influence the casting. The turtle mayor, trying to get John Huston as the mayor, as he was unavailable they used Ned Beatty, haven working with Huston for years this made sense.

-The Passenger- using the moral issues addressed in this film, the case of mistaken identity and needing to find what you actually are inside

-Cat Ballou-

-Once Upon a Time in the West
-El Topo
-Pursued- the idea of a mixed genre film. In this case, the mix of Western and Film Noir
-Being There
-The Wild Bunch- the obsession with a post modern western 


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