Assigning tasks

Today we met to talk about our modelling task, to discuss what the room itself could look like and what assets we needed. We also wanted to have an idea of who would model what, giving ourselves tasks and prioritising these ourselves. I then prioritised these to our own assets and which of these we needed to focus on personally in order.

We sat together (myself on the floor, everyone else on the table or chairs) and had a look at our previous research. Phoebe had created a Pinterest board which provided a lot of research for this. We looked into some of the environments we had looked at (including Rango (2011).

Above are the lists and priorities that we made (photos credit to Phoebe). We typed them up below to give a clearer idea of what we are each entailing.

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 17.04.23.png

We allotted the models to each of us- taking a low and high priority group, leaving group 8 and 9 as an ‘extra’ group for those who have finished their assigned tasks.

I have been given group 1 and 6- modelling the elements of structure in the room and the higher priority props- like glasses, bottles and barrels.

I am going to have to research the style of each of these to ensure I keep in line with those of the same period.

Here’s hoping I can keep up with the other amazing modelling quality in our group!



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