Coming up with assets- Research and such

Looking at all of the concept art make me realised that there are some very similar objects in any of these scenes- I made a list below to show the group so they could add to it.

  • Piano
  • Stools
  • chairs (non bar)
  • Bar unit
  • glasses/ tumblers
  • alcohol bottles
  • swinging door
  • tables
  • most with second floors providing a ‘private area’

I looked through tonnes of old first hand photos and concept art to get a feel for the environment itself.


A saloon in Kendall Montana (1905). (, 2016). 



A bar in a hotel in California in 191. (, 2016).


Source unknown. (, 2016).

These were the main photos I could find of original bars- many of which are of later dates (1900s-). I noticed the lack of need for decoration. It was a poor time- money was not wasted on such things. I can’t help but contrast it to Monsieur Calvin J. Candie’s abode in Django: Unchained (2012). The floors are dirty and worn. The only additional furniture is for entertainment- as in the photo about there is a balcony for women to stand on and some form of gambling.

I also looked into converted bars and restored areas online. Some of them gave a better insight into how the layout of the room would look- i.e. the amount of windows, the door position.


Hotel conversation for “Clamping.”(Anon, 2016). 

I loved the rafter beams on the scene above- the way it gave a bit more of a home made feel- the timber exposed and worn with age.


A rebuild of a bar. The carving/ wood work and animal mountings almost seem like trophies in the scene.

To look at the interiors further I had watched scenes from the movies in my previous post. However, I wanted to have a look at games and how they typically show western culture.

Prospector Saloon- Fallout. Albeit that Fallout combines old and new in this, I thought it was a good perspective on the size of an area like this. I think of Django with it’s small bar scene compared to that in A Million Ways to Die in the West. Size is definitely a factor we will have to consider.


I have tried identifying which game this image came from but to no avail! I love the comfy feel to this bar and the added sizing given but the doorway on the left hand side. A lot of repetitive assets in this again- the chandeliers, chairs, barrels, tables etc.

I realised another thing we will have to discuss is the style of the model itself. I found a crude, but kind of nice, model of a saloon on bechance. I thought the mountain head model was a nice touch.

Searching for any cartoon styled saloons I found the short below. I found that the setting was a bit too simplistic, looking more like a house than a bar. I feel I am being drawn to more realistic looking environments.

Saloon- cartoon cowboy short. (, 2016).


References (2016). Pictures of “Stuff” from my Gallery – Page 2 – SmokStak. [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 Oct. 2016].

Anon, (2016). [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 Oct. 2016]. (2016). YouTube. [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 Oct. 2016].

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